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Thanks for visiting my site! I'm excited to be starting this. Have fun looking around. If you have any questions there is a "contact me" link at the bottom of each page. You can buy anything on this site. I will be changing the pictures once in awhile so if you see one you like but can't order it right away, keep the number of the picture and you can order it at any time. I also do photo restoration, so head on over there and see how it looks. Please contact me to see how to send the pictures and figure out prices. Thanks!!

If you are interested in any design work please click here. This will take you to a sample of my work. Prices will be dependant on what you want. Please contact me to figure this out.

Attention: I have a couple of pictures from the Waldo Canyon fire, of the sun going behind the smoke cloud. They can be found in the Urban Nature folder. Part of the proceeds will be given to the local Red Cross to help with the efforts to put our beautiful city back together. Thank you.